As the owner of Halite Minis, I recognise my responsibility to research and take the time to understand the social and environmental impacts of my business. From working conditions of our suppliers, to the negative effect of fast fashion, and the environmental impacts of packaging and shipping to my customers.

Halite Minis goodies are sourced from all over the world! Our main suppliers are from Australia, China, Turkey, and Japan. I’m in regular contact with these factories to ensure there are appropriate quality controls of products, that working conditions meet human rights standards, and they have effective environmental strategies in place.

The #1 concern of fast fashion, is the clothing waste being produced. My way of contributing to this issue is to:

  1. Provide quality, staple pieces that are timeless and;
  2. Only order small quantities from suppliers to meet customer demand - reducing unwanted stock.

Your orders are packaged up using satchels from The Better Packaging Co. They are made from recycled ocean bound plastic pollution rescued from the environment in Southeast Asia. They are able to pay people in developing countries to rescue plastic pollution from their environment, provide them with employment, and prevent the need for new plastic to be made and put out into the world.

Love always,

Shannon x